The Content Revolution – Book Interview

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The Content Revolution

Heidi Cohen Interviews Mark Masters New book: The Content Revolution Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing? You have to go deep. You have to read wider (not just within marketing but human behavior). You have to look at the world and be relentlessly curious. The areas that we are looking to build a reputation within, we have to discover and interpret a different story to the rest of the marketplace. Whether it’s SEO, writing or social, people have to show a depth of understanding in order to differentiate. If you can provide fact, experience and opinion within your particular field, and do it with depth, you can redefine a category. According to a BuzzSumo/Moz report from over 1 million articles, 85% of content published in less that 1,000 words. Long form and longer thinking … Continue reading

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