QR Codes For Marketing

3 Benefits of Using QR Codes For Your Local Business


QR Codes Enhance your brands message

A QR code is a matrix bar code or two dimensional code readable by a scanner or smart phone. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The reader application is included on some smart phones or can be downloaded for free

We can design an awesome QR code for your business that will add revenue and client data this will provide an opportunity for brand interaction and an avenue for continued marketing. If you’re going to use a printed medium to reach your audience, start adding a QR code when you want to show a video, direct prospects to a sales page, store inventory or real estate listing. The list is endless.

QR codes C4 Smart Marketing

Small businesses have adopted these strategies to get more customers, boost sales by driving traffic to online sales funnels by embedding business and product information in QR codes and placing them across the web for added revenue streams.

Businesses are  also using them to link to Mobile content like product videos or landing pages that offer free gifts, contest prizes or incentive for a customer to enter an email address for list building.


Get your free reader today:

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