mobile sms marketing

Learn how to transform Simple Text Messages Into Your 365 Day-Per-Year Sales Force.

Explode your revenue and customer base with a marketing channel that keeps lives connected.

Mobile marketing has proven to help local businesses gain new customers who not only spend more, but who also buy more frequently through push promotions.

Think about it – almost everybody has a smartphone these days. The amount of smartphone users far surpasses the amount of desktop computer users. So it makes sense that mobile sms marketing is now one of the most POWERFUL forms of marketing hands down.

When you consider the fact that 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to look up local products and services, it’s truly a no-brainer.

This marketing channel uses mobile phones as a medium for reaching and staying connected with your customers and potential customers. So essentially, you can reach them anytime no matter where they are.  Mobile sms marketing removes any barriers that may exist between your business and your target audience.

Mobile sms marketing is the most effective way to grow your customer base quickly through a mobile short code (12345) and a mobile keyword (pizza) that’s specific to your business. Customers text the keyword to the short code and receive a coupon for savings or receive more information about your business immediately. Customer contact information is then added into your database automatically for future campaigns.

This will help you build a customer list quickly so you can send future marketing campaigns for pennies on the dollar. Now you can track your campaigns and their effectiveness, while directly contacting your customer base with your promotional offers anytime you like on auto-pilot flooding your business on demand.

mobile sms marketing

This will minimize your advertisement spending while increasing your ad output by sending promotions and reminders to your customers phone directly.

Why mobile sms marketing:

  • Mobile phones are responsible for 80% of local searches and customers prefer communicating through mobile devices.
  • 75% of people favor mobile-friendly websites to search for products they use.
  • 91% of people use their mobile phone to check their email at least twice a day.
  • Over half of US consumers who own a smartphone have purchased something after receiving a mobile sms marketing promotion delivered to their phone.

Ignoring your mobile customers and prospects could prevent your business from capitalizing on the ability to boost leads, sales, and revenue. Mobile marketing is no longer an option it is necessary for your business survival.

Our skills and expertise can help you start drawing in more valuable, profitable customers using the latest mobile technology, tools, and techniques.

Mobile sms marketing Include:
  • Text Marketing (SMS)
  • Push and Grab Promotions
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile VIP Clubs
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Print Table Top Cards
  • Personal Marketing Manager

and so much more…

Try it now and get a free eBook explaining how sms text messaging can be your number one sales tool. Text sales to 31996 and see the power of this marketing tool first hand.

98% of mobile sms text messages are opened in the first four minutes after received- MMA


70% of consumers found push notifications, including order updates to be valuable. - Oracle



C4 Smart Marketing R.O.I Projection CALCULATOR

Average Daily Gross Sales
How Many Days Per Month Are You Open?
Average Total Monthly Gross Sales
Average Total Monthly Transactions [Tickets]
Your Average Ticket Per Customer
Average Monthly Customers
Percentage of current customers who will join your V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club
Total V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club Subscribers After 90 days of Promotion
Your V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club Offer Redemption Percentage
NOTE: Typical conversion rates from an in-house SMS opt-in list vary from 10%-40%
Customer Redemption
Number of customers who actually did a redemption
Your V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club Discount Percentage
This is the discount rate per deal you run to your Mobile Rewards Club list
Additional Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing
Revenue From Running Just One Offer To Your List
Additional MONTHLY Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing
This is revenue from running four offers monthly
Additional YEARLY Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing
Additional 5 YEAR Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing



C4 Smart Marketing R.O.I Redemption CALCULATOR

Normal Price
Deal Price
Deal Discount
Revenue Per Redeemed Deal
People Receiving Deal
People Redemption
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Total Redemption Revenue