Local Business Citations

Local Citations Are Important For Your Business

Local business citations help customers find you faster

As part of our strategy to help customers find your business quicker in local searches we use top local business citations or free directories to give your online presence a boost and help you rank better.

If you own a local business and aren’t posting your business on Yelp, Manta, Business finder or Google My Business (Google plus) you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Local business citations help you add online footprints for customers to find you easier than just having a website and they can link back to your site for an increase in search engine SERP results.

Benefits to having multiple local business citations:

– Online business listings give your business greater traction when ranking on the top search engines locally by leaving links back to your website.

– You are found easier locally by potential customers with a stronger online store presence

– You can get more publicity for your business not just locally

– Customers can leave raving reviews about their experience for social proof

– Once listed you can update your information easily

Creating a local listing is time-consuming and often too confusing for the average business owner, but that’s what a local business must do in order to rank.

One of the most ignored features of local SEO when adding local citations to help your business get found and grow online is content and consistency.

local business citations boost your online rankings

Local directories should be filled out with as much information as possible. You need to keep your listing consistent across all listings so they are structured and not haphazardly listed, otherwise this will kill your local SEO ranking.

Also you have to make sure your business niche is getting listed on the right local directories for maximum impact.

We will help you keep your listing up-to-date and consistent for the most impact locally and nationally.

We will look at your business niche and find the right local directories that will get your listing in front of your ideal customers and fill out each local business citation in full so you rank quickly for your keywords.

If you are experiencing slow days don’t delay millions of people are online right now looking for your products and services let us help them find you today.

Call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation and let our professionals start ranking you with local business citations.