Email Marketing blueprint

New Approach. New Tactics.

So you’ve built a email mailing list. Whether you have 100 subscribers… 1000 subscribers… 10,000 subscribers… heck, even 100,000 subscribers…

If you don’t know how to get your subscribers to open your email, you will generate dismal results and income from your email marketing campaigns no matter how big or small your mailing list is!

You Will Now Discover Things Like:

How to monetize from every email you send out

What big Internet companies like Amazon and Groupon do to make massive profits from their email marketing campaigns (they just blast out p _ _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ one after another!)

How to optimize your email subject line to boost your open rates!

How to increase your call to action in your email body

The best time of the day to send out your email! (Did you know that there are also times you’re better off postponing your email campaigns, or you’d risk losing 35% of the responses if you had mailed out at a different time?)

The best (and the worst) days of the week to send out your email! (This is TRULY SHOCKING… there are days that produce less than half the average responses from other days!)
Email Marketing Blueprint
Open rate boosters and killers – how simple words can pull an extra +17% and even +12% increase… and avoid wrong words that can drag down your open rates by more than half!

Click Through Rate boosters – like one nifty way increases your CTR by +19%! On the other hand, CTR killers include one popular but overlooked method that actually filters your email into other people’s spam folders easily!

Most of the time, I see marketers with smaller list outperform and make MORE sales than those with their so-called ‘mega list’. Now you know why!

If you can generate quick bursts of cash from every email you send to a hyper responsive list, that’s exactly how valuable this guide is to you..

The time is now to get a copy of this money making book. Because if you don’t change the way you do business today be sure your competition will…

P.S. Writing killer promotion emails is likened to an essential survival skill in the E-Commerce jungle. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to survive the competition. So invest in learning this priceless skill now and guarantee your future success!

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