Automated Sign Spinner

Automated Sign Spinner

Drive more sales with our automated sign spinners

Have you ever hired an employee to stand out in front of your business solely to attract customers?

I found businesses that done it and loved the return on investment, but found it difficult to keep someone outside in the harsh cold or heat willing to keep the sign moving long enough to keep the customers flowing in to see what all the hub bub was about.

Well we went on a quest to find out a better way to help local businesses fix this problem and keep their signs spinning 7 days a week for less than $100 a week and we found it.

See how you can attract customers to your business with an automated sign spinner. These types of sign spinners can be found mainly on the west coast but have quickly caught on across American’s small business landscape for their many benefits.

Automated Sign Spinner

These well-built and stylish automated sign spinners are your hardest working employees that never take breaks, no insurance or liability costs, never go on vacation and will never call out sick. The can be set-up in minutes.

Every business is looking for a new spin on their marketing strategy and we have it. Our automated sign spinners can swap out your advertising signs quickly whenever you like to match the sale or marketing campaign you are running without having to spend a fortune on supplies makes this a great asset to your local business.

You are able to easily adjust the size of the sign, exaggerated movement and speed to fit your location so people can easily read your advertisement grabbing their attention quickly. Our automated sign spinner can be used indoors or outdoors.

They create foot traffic and the opportunity to speak with passers-by’s who love to take photo shoots with the local celebrity in turn giving you an opportunity to sell.

Automated Sign Spinner Packages:

Fully operational Automated Sign Spinner with stand or straps $15.00 a day

Fully operational Automated Sign Spinner with stand, mannequin, clothes and wig – $30.00 a day

Additional costumes for mannequin $10.00 ea.

Signage starting at $20.00 artwork included

Start increasing the popularity of your local business by implementing one of our automated sign spinners today.

When he or she arrives you will need to think of a name because people will start asking about the new towns celebrity within the first day.

Check your city ordinance for compliance