Audio Review

What is the single most important thing you have?

                                 YOUR REPUTATION!

Today many people can be unforgiving. You forget something, an honest mistake happens or your staff is having a bad day and BLAM! An angry customer takes it out on you by posting NEGATIVE and DAMAGING COMMENTS online.

Customers rely on online reviews as much as recommendations from their closest friends or family… and spread the word. Good reviews can fuel positive word of mouth and generate referral traffic like you’ve never seen!

Traditionally, customers need to log into a third party site like Yelp, Google or Manta to leave a review. Many people either don’t have an account or don’t know how to sign up for one.

We will set up an audio review hotline so you can get voice reviews from customers that may not have a presence online.

Audio Review Hotline

Now potential customers not only see, but hear authentic reviews from past customers which makes the buying decision simpler when they hear real people talking honestly about your business.



How Audio Review Hotline works:

You simply give a customer your assigned local phone number to your Audio review hotline that has been set-up by us. They call up and leave an audio recording which we will transcribe for you.

We filter the positive from the negative when customers call up because they have a choice to hit 1 for a positive review and leave a recorded message of their positive experience or hit 2 for a negative review and leave a recorded message of their negative experience.

This gives you the option to publish what you want and rectify any issues customers had. When customers leave you a review we forward them to you by email.

The best part is anyone is capable of calling up and leaving a review because they don’t need to log into an account, so older customer that can’t navigate the internet or don’t have a connection can easily leave your business an awesome review.

We’ll  then show you how to post all of your positive audio reviews to the web so potential customers can hear all the raving reviews.

Let’s get your own personal audio review hotline set-up now so you can start publishing reviews people can hear from real customers as proof of your business best practices.