About us

About Us


C4 Smart Market Solutions  is a multi-national team of highly skilled techies and marketing strategists committed to helping small business owners leverage technology to help grow their companies and stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. Main Street America has evolved dramatically over the last 20 years and we want to make sure business owners understand what tools are available to them.

There is a widening gap in the use of technology among newer and older businesses and this threatens their competitiveness, so we are committed to educating and showing businesses the benefits of change and ease of implementation.

We understand how difficult it can be to wear all the hats in a business and still have time to keep up with all the new apps and programs promising to enhance your business, that is why we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies for you and look at proven marketing strategies to build better and more robust systems that you can run on auto-pilot. We are local so we understand the business landscape and the importance of personalization to stand out from your competition.

Brief Summary of Our Role

Our motivated marketing strategists will start by identifying business challenges, evolving business needs while developing strategies and implementing solutions that meet your overall business goals. Doing so you will maximize your sales flow and increase revenue by building a direct line of communication with your customers so you stay in constant contact giving you the ability to offer products or services anytime and anywhere they are.

Imagine having a flash sale anytime you like and being able to contact all your customers directly on auto-pilot using SMS text messages with a 97% open rate and a 30% or higher participation rate while tracking your results for future campaigns. What effect do you think that would have on your monthly revenue?

We use the latest technology in Mobile, Print, Automation and Social Media services in order to automate a lot of the work usually done manually, saving your most precious commodity, your time. The residual effect of this is more local exposure, boosting your revenue, attracting new customers and cutting your marketing expenses dramatically. Our team has been powering relationships between brands and consumers for years and can customize a marketing system that fits your business model.

Benefits to Working With Us

  • Start working reasonable hours
  • Earn what your worth
  • Streamlining processes
  • Loyal & satisfied customer base
  • Lower Attrition rate
  • Improve productivity
  • Minimize financial risk
  • Equity in your business through lists
  • Consistent flow of new customers

Read About Us From Past Clients:

Ashley Miller – Pittsburg, PA

C4 Smart Marketing Solutions thank you for the amazing marketing strategies and Nicole thanks for the awesome recommendation you were right. We are looking forward to the partnership

Dora D. Covert – Greenville, S. Carolina

I have looked for a local marketing consultant that understands more than just online marketing and we found it with C4 Smart Marketing Solutions.

Alan H. – Teaneck, NJ

I needed to get more customers for my shop and the Business Builder has helped me. The relationship manager is so helpful in writing promotions that work for my business. Great people and great service.

Tommy (Timo) Pommes – Oberhausen, Germany

As an independent IT consultant from Germany I worked with Scott for several years in Asia and he’s been a mentor to me in the sales and marketing industry.

The guy was a stand out among other managers I worked with in the emerging markets. He is a natural teacher and always looked at things differently, tweaking, trying new tactics and strategies to get the end result corporate was looking to achieve. He got the job done and made companies a lot of money.

About us

Scott Browne

Owner, Marketing Strategist, Project Conductor


Before I started exploring marketing and it’s full impact on customer purchasing behaviors I worked for large multi-national companies including Bellcore and Telcordia Technologies in the telecom sector offering me valuable exposure to advanced world technologies.

Along the way I had the pleasure of working with many talented business innovators in several disciplines learning a lot in the process. These individuals would later aid me in starting C4 Smart Marketing Solutions.

As an avid traveler I have lived and worked in several Asian countries for the last 13 years giving me an opportunity to learn and experience different cultures. This also gave me invaluable business insight to a wide range of marketing strategies, business operations and processes in the emerging markets.

After integrating and hanging my hat in many of the cities I lived and worked I sadly witnessed time and again the true cost of not making changes to one’s business infrastructure and marketing strategies which ultimately hindered their growth.

I quickly seen an opportunity to help local businesses capitalize on technologies that has helped 1000’s of other improve productivity and cash flow. I decided then to build a team and apply our knowledge collectively that would make a difference in the local markets.

My goal was to educate business owners on new advances in technology and help them make educated investments in new tools available so they could move faster in reaching their individual business goals.

We were very successful in hitting our target and predictably seen mobile marketing integration and marketing automation usage hit new heights with average revenue increases of 42%.

Returning home in 2013 my mission is still to educate and help business owners not make the same mistakes and to embrace the technological advances the industry has made with increased efficiency, new customer acquisition and revenue predictability. Contact us if you would like to learn the amount of revenue your business has the potential to generate monthly with a complementary analysis.