Watch the video and learn how an automated marketing system can help you take the ultimate step in promoting and managing your business.

Our Automated Marketing System is customer focused, promotional intense

Want to start working reasonable hours and earn what your worth?

We know you need every edge possible to get customers to your business. That’s why we teamed up with Echo Daily so we can offer you the Business Builder Automated Marketing System which was featured in Bloomberg Business week.

  • Our automated marketing system is a huge time saver when you want to create multiple marketing campaigns. You are able to create an entire year’s worth of sales or special promotions quickly and schedule them to be sent to your customer’s mobile phone and/or email on days you specify. Driving sales on demand for those slow days.
  • Our marketing system helps you take advantage of your No.1 opportunity at the point-of-sale to gain more sales and retain customers with a custom built loyalty reward program. This gives you the opportunity to recommend customers join your VIP Club for future savings, while getting to know your customer’s better.
  • Our automated system lets you segment customers into groups and categories so if you want to run a sale and send specifically to local teachers, police or other business owners in your customer list you create a category and place them in it so the sale notifications only go to that group or send to everyone in your list.

automated marketing system

  • Our system assists you in building a more detailed customer profile based on frequency of purchase, visit’s, responses to promotions and buying habits. The system collects this data and provides you with detailed reports so you can tailor your campaigns more effectively.
  • Automation saves you money and your team valuable time because you can have a single member of your team perform complex and continuous campaigns so you can connect with more customers with a click of a button.
  • We assign every account a personal marketing manager to help you set-up lists and maintain the system for optimum performance.
  • Our automated system combined with the loyalty program and SMS marketing is unbeatable when looking for a constant flow of new customer’s, retain existing customer’s and boosting your revenue predictability while minimizing financial risk. (Giving you buying power)
  • The system is cloud based so you have tools to do more anywhere.
  • No limit on customer list size or emails sent like other systems.

automated marketing system

The full system comes with 2 mini tablets, cash drawer, bar-code scanner, pin pad swiper, printer, router and stand. It is packed with potential just like you.

These tools help you build a customer list quickly so you can send future marketing campaigns for pennies unlike traditional marketing.

Now you can track your campaigns and their effectiveness, while directly contacting your customer base with your promotional offers anytime you like on auto-pilot with our robust automated marketing system.

There has been extensive measures taken to ensure that the control panel is straight forward and simple to operate for any level user.

The control panel is the headquarters for your messaging system, customer data, waiting list, redemption portal and analytic tools.

We also added an inventory tracker so it is easier for you to keep up with the stock you have on hand.

Small business CRM's have shown to improve customer retention by as much as 53% - Trackvia


Small business CRM's have shown to improve customer retention by as much as 53% - Trackvia