24 Hr. Help Desk Guru Software

24 hr help desk guru software

From the desk of: Scott Browne

Dear Overstressed Business Owner,

If you sell anything online you’ll know that the single biggest drain on your time is answering customer support emails.
Lost download links, non delivery of physical items, technical questions, general queries and a hundred other customer emails that drop into your inbox every week.

Here’s how a ‘typical’ customer email sequence can go:

John: “Hi – I’ve lost my download link, can you send it to me again?”

You: “No problem, please send me your Paypal receipt number and I’ll get it over to you immediately.”

Then nothing happens for 6 days.

In the meantime you’ve answered another 79 emails.

When John eventually gets back in touch with you and you get this email:

John: ‘It’s PP9897HGHY6562SD’

By this time now you have no idea what the email is about or who sent it. You have to ask what the email is about, and you end up with an angry customer.

Emails get lost, diverted to spam folders, don’t arrive because the customer types in the wrong address or simply don’t reach you at all for a dozen or more reasons.

Which is why, if you’re serious about your online business you need to install a pro helpdesk.

24 Hr help desk guru software
It would be worth installing your own 24 hr help desk guru software so you can stop customers from blaming you when their emails don’t get through, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to solving your support issues this will end the confusion once and for all.

You’ll already know from answering customer support emails that you get asked the same questions day in day out.

With 24 Hr Help desk Guru you can have your own fully functioning, top quality help desk software.

And what’s more we’ll show you where to get it (for free) and more importantly, how anyone can install it quickly and simply by following our fully screenshotted step by step instructions.

If you were to buy help desk software of the caliber of the software we’re recommending, you would almost certainly pay in excess of a few hundred dollars for it.

Then you’d have to struggle through often poor documentation to try to set it up. If you’re a ‘non-techy’ that could be a nightmare!

Here’s what is included with the software we recommend:

  • Create multiple users and multiple departments;
  • Create different levels of user (user, administration etc);
  • Add attachments to tickets;
  • Various filters (priority, departments, open tickets, awaiting response etc);
  • Fully searchable ticket database;
  • Create your own FAQ section;
  • Add notes to tickets that are only seen by other help desk staff;
  • Assign levels of access for help desk staff;
  • Auto-added signatures for all help desk staff;
  • Blocks spam – ‘captcha’ and questions determine whether the customer is a ‘real’ human or spambot;
  • Customers can rate replies and knowledge base items;
  • Autoclose’ tickets after a set duration;
  • Software automatically compensates for different time zone.

You know it makes sense – get your copy of  24 Hr Helpdesk Guru now. $15.95 Limited Time $9.95