7 Marketing Techniques Every Small Business should be using


As a local marketing consultant in New Jersey I am always asked how can a local business market inexpensively? Before a business begins marketing its products, it is ideal to identify the customers you want the promotional material to target. Once you have narrowed down your target customer, you have numerous marketing techniques to choose […]

Fear May Be Stopping Small Business Owners From Succeeding


There are many small business owners; all who strive to make their unique products a business success. However, passion alone is not enough to turn a bright idea into a profitable venture. One of the biggest impediment to small business owners success is usually fear of failure. These entrepreneurs clearly see where they want to […]



As a small business owner there are many things competing for your attention at once. Daily operations of your business, planning marketing campaigns to achieve your goals, and keeping track of your competitors are just a few common concerns vying for your time. Unfortunately, as the world becomes more technology savvy and internet access becomes […]

5 Ways A Loyalty Program Can Help Your Local Business


Do you want to increase sales, boost revenue, generate new leads or gain new customers? Creating a loyalty program for your local business can help you achieve that – and more. If you haven’t realized the power of mobile marketing, it’s definitely something you will need to incorporate into your marketing strategy – and FAST. […]

Mobile Marketing for Small Business


Here are what others are saying about mobile marketing for small business: Dean Swanson Author Main Street tends to be cautious about changing the way it markets, but local business owners are now embracing mobile marketing at a remarkable rate, including SMS (text messaging), mobile banners, email, paid search, mobile video, proximity campaigns, sponsorships, coupons, […]

Are your SMS Text Messages effective?


Mobile phones have changed the world. This is just as true for business success as it is for personal communications and entertainment. In fact, when it comes to both product promotion and branding, SMS text messages are among the most beneficial marketing platform a company can take advantage of for it’s affordability and effectiveness. Of […]